Troubleshooting the redemption dApp connection

Please ensure,

  • Your MetaMask/Invictus Wallet address is whitelisted
  • All adblockers are disabled
  • Popups are enabled
  • That you have a small amount of ETH in your MetaMask/Invictus Wallet address
  • That your C20 tokens are at your MetaMask/Invictus Wallet address and not another address

If you are having trouble loading the dApp using MetaMask, it may help to switch to the Rinkeby testnet, and then back to the Ethereum mainnet.

Did you complete all of the steps?

  1. Two separate transactions are required to complete the liquidation process
  2. The first transaction ('requestWithdrawal') specifies the amount to be withdrawn. Once the first transaction is completed your C20 will be removed from your wallet
  3. The second transaction ('withdraw') must be completed after the following price update, which happens hourly. The 'requestWithdrawal' transaction must be verified on the blockchain by this time, otherwise this transaction will fail*
  4. The 'withdraw' transaction must be completed to receive your ETH

*If the transaction is still pending: you can either wait until the transaction is successful and then complete the second 'withdraw' transaction after the following price update, or if you are using MetaMask you can re-submit the first 'requestWithdrawal' transaction with a higher GWEI so that it is mined quicker. To resubmit a transaction within MetaMask, re-send the pending transaction with a higher GWEI. For optimal GWEI at a given time, see this website.

A related article on the liquidation dApp can be found here.

Additional assistance with the dApp may be found here. The principles with the C10 liquidation dApp are largely similar.

If you are still having trouble, email us or start a chat session.

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