Each token represents a stake in the fund. C20 tokens were initially sold in a once-off, closed-ended offering and can now only be purchased from existing C20 tokenholders on exchanges.

No further tokens will be sold or minted by Invictus Capital.

Purchasing C20 through OVEX

C20 is available on the South African exchange OVEX, which is responsible for South Africa's largest OTC desk. Invictus Capital has a partnership with OVEX through the Hyperion Fund, and supplies C20 tokens to be sold at NAV + 1%.

  1. Create an account with OVEX here
  2. Complete their KYC procedures, which may have some geographical restrictions to be noted
  3. Navigate to the CRYPTO20 Faucet and purchase your tokens with ETH or BTC

C20 is also available on HitBTC, IDEX, Forkdelta, P2PB2B and Uniswap

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