Crypto20 is a tokenized, closed-end index fund (CEF) which passively tracks the top twenty cryptocurrency assets by market capitalisation. All profits are reinvested into the fund. It is market-cap weighted and utilizes a frequent revision period i.e. the fund is re-balanced on a weekly basis.  Assets in the fund are subject to a maximum weighting of 10% - enforced at every re-balancing event. The Fund’s parameters have been carefully arrived at, based on a data-driven methodology supported by extensive back-testing. 

If an asset within the top 20 is available for exposure to futures contracts with fixed expiry dates, the Fund will be exposed that way. Otherwise, the Fund will directly hold the asset. Where futures contracts are applicable, only a portion of the assets will need to be posted as collateral. The rest will be allocated into a cash-based position for the purposes of additional yield through margin lending. Read more here.

In short, Crypto20 offers diversified exposure to blockchain assets at a low-cost. You can see the information sheets and latest quarterly reports here.

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