Like most closed-end funds, Invictus Capital’s Hyperion Fund does not facilitate direct liquidation. The nature of the fund as a venture capital fund means that continual liquidity cannot be provided as the underlying assets themselves are not liquid (primarily equity). It is unusual to be able to exit VC at any time, so the fact that the IHF token is tradeable at all is quite novel - even though it is possible for it to trade at a discount to NAV. The buy-and-burn function assists with liquidity and the transfer of value to token holders.

Token holders looking to sell tokens must do so through an exchange at this stage. IHF can be traded on HitBTC and IDEX.

At the conclusion of the fund lifetime, at the discretion of fund managers and dependent on a number of factors, the fund will be wrapped up and the NAV per token will be distributed to token holders. The general cycle for VC is 7 years. This will be communicated in advance.

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