Menlo One is a framework for building dApps. Menlo One promises the speed, cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use associated with centralized systems - all making for a competitive user experience. 

Within the ecosystem, Menlo Tokens pay for data, services and attention. Menlo's potential use-cases extend to online marketplaces, peer-to-peer sites for the sharing economy, and content and media production - essentially, anything and everything that can be carried out on the traditional web - all within a decentralized framework.

Invictus Capital participated in the private sale, with a contribution of 546 ETH.

Impairment of Investment - Q2 2019

Similar to Wemark, Menlo One is not a traditional impairment as the token has been listed for some time. The value, however, has been reduced to the point whereby there is no contribution to the Hyperion Fund net asset value. Excessive expenditure by the team with little in the way of product development has resulted in the Hyperion fund managers taking legal action. 

A formal lawsuit has been filed against Menlo One in an attempt to recover the contribution made by Hyperion. A confidential legal settlement was reached as described in the Q4-19 Report.

During Q3-20, the investment provided some upside to the fund as the token value appreciated due to the DeFi hype. The Hyperion Fund managed to sell most of the remaining tokens and recover 57.9 ETH (c. $24,000 at the time). Given our insight, we see no value in holding these tokens over the long term. We therefore took the opportunity to salvage value for IHF token holders when the opportunity arose.

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