Introductory notes

  • Transferring tokens to the C10 smart contract address will not redeem them. You need to complete the specific requestWithdrawal function

  • Redeeming tokens requires a verified account and the Ethereum address that is requesting the redemption must also be linked under account settings

  • The address you are redeeming from must have a balance on ETH in it to cover network transaction fees, not imposed by Invictus

  • Redemptions are processed in ETH, via an Ethereum smart contract and a decentralized application (dApp) is hosted on the Invictus platform for this purpose. Any linked address can request a redemption via a contract interaction but our dApp simplifies the process

  • The dApp requires that you redeem via the Invictus Wallet or from a MetaMask account. You can also import a wallet/address into MetaMask via the Import Account feature with the private key. You can also connect your Ledger or Trezor device to MetaMask by following the instructions here

Steps to follow

  1. Navigate to your wallets page by clicking Wallets from your dashboard after logging in and choose the preferred wallet/linked address to redeem from

  2. Select Redeem near the minus sign and choose Crypto10 Hedged. Your C10 tokens must be in the Ethereum address you are redeeming from and that address must be linked. For instructions on linking an address please see the notes above

  3. Make sure your Invictus Wallet or linked address has a balance of ETH in it to cover network transaction fees
    - The amount of ETH required is network-dependent; you can check the ETH Gas Station or Etherscan's gas tracker for cost estimates. Smart contract interactions like the requestWithdrawal function require a higher gas limit than a standard ETH transfer, and are generally more expensive
    - Gas fees are not paid to Invictus

  4. Confirm the amount of tokens to redeem. An estimate of the amount of ETH to be received in return will be displayed. A forward-pricing policy is used. The ETH will be sent to the linked address that requested the redemption

  5. If redeeming via MetaMask: click Connect to wallet and a popup will appear requesting a connection to the page. Once connected, you can broadcast the transaction from MetaMask keeping in mind step 3

  6. If using the Invictus Wallet: click Redeem and confirm the transaction with your wallet passcode

  7. Wait for the redemption request to confirm on the blockchain (you can track this on Etherscan). You can view the redemption on the transaction history page as well

  8. Successful requests are processed on the next price update. Price updates occur hourly

If you are having trouble connecting, please troubleshoot with the help of this article.

You can always also send us an email or start a chat session.

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