NOTE: Transferring tokens to the smart contract address will not redeem them. You need to complete the specific requestWithdrawal function either through our dApp or by interacting with the contract directly.

Using the dApp on our website

To redeem tokens, a dApp is hosted on our website in the investor portal. This dApp requires that you redeem via MetaMask i.e. you need to whitelist a MetaMask address, and have MetaMask open in the browser. If you are having trouble connecting, try another browser and/or disable any adblockers which may be preventing the MetaMask popup.

Please watch this YouTube tutorial for redeeming tokens via the dApp here.

Interacting with the contract directly

You can alternatively redeem by interacting with the contract directly via an interface such as MyCrypto or MyEtherWallet. This allows you to redeem even if you are storing tokens on a hardware wallet, for example. This guide will cover using MyCrypto but a very similar process can be followed with MyEtherWallet. Remember, you still need to be redeeming from a whitelisted address.

  1. Go to - make sure you are at the correct website with a valid SSL certificate.
  2. Choose Crypto10 Hedged under 'select existing contract'
  3. Select 'access' and then the 'requestWithdrawal' function
  4. Specify the amount of tokens you wish to redeem including all 18 decimals. For example, 50 tokens is written 50e18. If you want to include decimal places 50.15 tokens is written 50.15e18. You do not have to write anything in the 'value' field.
  5. Unlock/access your wallet. Untick 'automatically calculate gas limit' and enter a high gas limit to ensure success, for example 200,000. Unused gas will be refunded. For optimal GWEI check the Eth gas station. For an explanation of what gas limit and GWEI are and why these settings are important see this article.
  6. Send the transaction. Remember that you will need a small amount of ETH in the address to cover network fees. You can track whether the transaction succeeded on Etherscan.
  7. If the transaction succeeded you will receive your ETH on the next price update, which happens hourly.

It is also possible to redeem tokens from a hardware wallet, in concert with MetaMask, and thus you can use the website dApp. Please see the following:

If you are still having problems please send us an email at [email protected].

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