In order to buy or sell C10 tokens, you first need to create an account within the Investor Portal and complete our KYC process.

To buy tokens, navigate to the ‘Invest” tab under the heading ‘CRYPTO10 Hedged’. You will be able to purchase tokens by investing with BTC, ETH, DASH as well as TUSD. Your C10 tokens will be sent to the white-listed Ethereum address you nominated.

You can sell your C10 tokens by redeeming them with us directly, you will receive the USD value of your tokens in ETH once the redemption is processed. To do so, navigate to the ‘Redemption’ tab under the heading ‘CRYPTO10 Hedged’ and follow the instructions to interact with the DApp that interacts with the C10 smart contract.

Please see the sections ‘Dealing’, ‘Smart Contract Specification’, ‘Initial Fund Capitalization’ and ‘Product Roadmap’ within the CRYPTO10 Hedged litepaper for more information.

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