Perseus is a secure, end-to-end raise platform. Perseus was developed by Invictus Capital to assist projects with their raise process in an efficient manner. Though often associated with the Hyperion Fund, any project can apply for this service.

Perseus offers front-end, back-end, business, legal, technical, as well as marketing services. Projects can customize according to their requirements.

On the front-end, Perseus provides a secure investment portal, including KYC/AML processes. This portal caters to different languages and currencies. Funds are received securely and stored cold, with user-specific information according to their investment history.

On the back-end, analytics and reconciliation reports are available. This is in addition to other administrative and wallet tools.

Business services can include assistance with exchange listings, advisors, community development, and raise strategy. Perseus can also assist with roadmap and tokenomic planning.

In terms of legal services, this extends to the drafting of agreements (such as manual investment agreements for seed-phase funding) and the creation of contractual terms.

Technical services encompass the development and auditing of smart contracts, token issuance and security pen-testing.

On the marketing side of things, this relates to content creation and dissemination, community management, brand consulting, campaigning, as well as general strategy.

Perseus brings value to the blockchain ecosystem, and increases the chances of partner success.

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