2FA settings can be changed on the investor platform, once logged in, after entering your account password

If you are using Google Authenticator and the code is not working it may be a syncing problem. You could try the following solution:

  • iOS: Settings > General > Date & Time > Enable Set Automatically

  • Android: Settings > Time Correction > Sync Now

If you need the 2FA removed completely

To remove the 2FA requirement please send us an email ([email protected]), and we will be able to reset it. The email must be sent from your registered email address. Please include in the email:

  1. A selfie, in which you are holding a piece of a paper stating "Invictus Capital, 2FA reset" as well as the current date

  2. A separate attachment, containing your ID document. We cannot accept documents which have been modified, such as where information has been blacked out

For future reference, there are a few things you can do to prevent this happening again:

  • You could use the app Authy rather than Authenticator as Authy allows you to back-up codes;

  • You could also print out or save the QR barcode so that you can re-scan it at a later date

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