Buying cryptocurrency varies from country to country. The process of getting coins, sending them to and from exchanges, buying other coins, and storing them in cold wallets has a reasonable learning curve. If you are not familiar with this process, we recommend you take the time to do some research around how cryptocurrencies work.

View the information below to get started:

How to buy Bitcoin (BTC)
Here is a complete walkthrough of how to buy Bitcoin.

How to buy Ethereum (ETH)
Here is a complete walkthrough of how to buy Ethereum.

Find your local exchange
To buy bitcoin go to, to see which exchanges are available in your country. Find one you like, sign up, connect your bank account and buy some Bitcoin. Things to consider here are fees, user-friendliness and liquidity. Most exchanges have "how to" or "tutorial" pages, to get you started. You may need to first purchase Bitcoin to then exchange this for other digital assets which do not have FIAT trading pairs.

How to buy through LocalBitcoins
Another popular way to buy Bitcoin is through, where you can buy peer-to-peer using all kinds of payment methods, everything from direct bank transfers, to PayPal, and more. Follow this tutorial on LocalBitcoins to get started.

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