Transferring tokens to the smart contract address will not redeem them. You need to complete the specific requestWithdrawal function.

Redeem via the investor portal

To redeem tokens, a decentralized application (dApp) is hosted on the Invictus website in the portal. This dApp requires that you redeem via MetaMask or the Invictus Wallet.

  1. Navigate to the 'redeem' section under 'Margin Lending'
  2. Select the wallet to redeem from. This will either be your Invictus Wallet or a MetaMask account. If your IML tokens are in a different address, you must transfer them to one of these addresses to use the redemption dApp
  3. Make sure your Invictus Wallet/MetaMask account has a small amount of ETH in it to cover network transaction fees. The amount of ETH required varies; you can check the ETH gas station or Etherscan's gas tracker
  4. Confirm the amount of tokens to redeem. You will receive an estimate of the amount of TUSD you will receive in return. We have a forward-pricing policy
  5. If using your Invictus Wallet: enter your wallet passcode and submit the transaction
  6. If using MetaMask: submit the transaction
  7. Requests received before midnight UTC will be processed the next day upon the price update. Price updates occur at 11:00 UTC. If the request is received after midnight it will be processed in accordance with the next price update

It is also possible to redeem tokens from a hardware wallet, in concert with MetaMask, and thus you can use the website dApp. Please see the following:

If you are having trouble connecting, please troubleshoot with the help of this article. You can always also send us an email or start a chat session.

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