EMS tokens are to be purchased at the prevailing NAV, which can be viewed here.

The USD value of an investor’s contribution is fixed once their transaction has confirmed (based on the current fair market value and a small spread to account for processing fees). 

At the time at which the new token price is calculated (the dealing time), the number of tokens to send to the investor is determined by the newly calculated token price. For example, when an investor sends TUSD; the number of EMS tokens received by the investor at the dealing time is simply the USD value of the TUSD sent (valued at the time of confirmation) divided by the USD price per token.

At the same time at which tokens are sent, the subscribed TUSD is then absorbed by the fund and apportioned to the underlying asset allocation. At most, an investor would need to wait 24 hours until the next dealing time for their pending contribution to be processed.

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