The Invictus Wallet allows you to enjoy a secure wallet without having to worry about storing your address private keys yourself.

When using an Invictus Wallet, a private key is generated on your computer and encrypted two ways locally before being stored in Google's Key Management System:

  1. Your Invictus Wallet is linked to your user account and is encrypted using a ‘Wallet Passcode’ of your choosing (it is therefore very important to choose a strong password as this password protects the wallet private key). 
  2. Your private key is also encrypted using an Invictus public key. The corresponding Invictus private key is controlled by Invictus and kept offline at all times, this allows Invictus Capital to assist with Wallet Passcode recovery in the event that you lose access to your Invictus Wallet.

All wallet interactions happen locally in your browser, the private key is not accessible outside of your computer. The private key to your wallet is encrypted and will only be decrypted when you want to transact by entering your Wallet Passcode.

All the technicalities of what a next-generation wallet requires to operate quickly and securely is abstracted away, so you don't require blockchain knowledge to use it and can focus only on what matters most — investing and transacting with your assets.

Note: It is entirely optional to use the Invictus Wallet as you can still use any other personal Ethereum wallet to interact with our Fund Tokens. Please see this article.

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