You are able to see the status of any wallet transactions on an Ethereum blockchain explorer such as Etherscan. Simply paste in your wallet’s address in the top right bar to search for your address.

If your transaction does not show on Etherscan, please wait five minutes before refreshing. If it still does not show then it is likely your transction was not yet broadcast to the Ethereum network.

Transactions marked with a status of ‘Success’ have been included in the blockchain and you should be able to see the effect of that transaction within your wallet (e.g. a decreased token balance if you redeemed or sent fund tokens elsewhere).

Transactions marked with a status of ‘Pending’ are still waiting to be included in the blockchain. If you are waiting a long time it is likely because your transaction Gas Price was too low (i.e. you are not paying enough in transaction fees). Read more about Gas here.

Transactions marked with a status of ‘Failed’ are included in the blockchain but were not able to be executed fully. No changes will result from failed transactions (except that you will still pay the transaction fee). The most common causes for failed transactions are not specifying a large enough gas limit, or trying to make an illegal transaction such as transferring more tokens than you own.

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