In order to buy or sell Invictus Gold Plus (IGP) tokens, you first need to create an account within the investor portal and complete our KYC process.

Persons from the United States, Bermuda, Mauritius, South Africa or the Cayman Islands are unable to complete KYC at this time.

The investment process

  1. Navigate to 'invest' under the 'Gold Plus' tab
  2. Select your payment method: we currently accept TUSD and USDT investment, as well as credit/debit card and bank transfer. For the latter two options, please see this section
  3. Select your investment amount to view an estimate of how many IGP tokens you will receive
  4. Confirm which linked address your IGP tokens will be sent to: this should be a personal address capable of receiving Ethereum ERC20 tokens. It should not be an exchange address. You can link addresses under 'settings'. Read more here
  5. Continue to payment, accept the terms of the transaction
  6. You can track the progress of the transaction under the 'history' tab. Depending on the investment method, it may take some time to reflect there
  7. Any investments received before 22:00 UTC will be allocated tokens to your nominated address at 11:00 UTC the following day
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