You can invest directly in Invictus funds using a bank transfer from a European (SEPA/SEPA Instant) or UK bank account (UK Faster Payments). MoonPay provides a route to convert your fiat currency into the cryptocurrencies and stablecoins needed to invest.

After confirming your investment fund and amount, you will receive further instructions via your registered email or through the MoonPay widget installed on the Invest page. Additional checks with MoonPay may be required.


  • 1% bank transfer fee, from $3.99

  • Dynamic network fee: MoonPay charges a dynamic network fee on all BTC, ETH and ERC20 tokens purchases and sales. The fee is based on the blockchain network conditions and will be displayed within the widget before you make the payment


You can find detailed information on MoonPay's verification processes and funding limits here.

Transaction speed

Bank payments can take up to three business days for EUR - SEPA transfers and up to one business day for GBP - FPS.

Thereafter you should see your investment on the transaction history page.

What is MoonPay?

MoonPay is a financial technologies company that builds developer tools for fiat-to-crypto payments. MoonPay is a fully PCI Compliant Service Provider. Their mission is to make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone. You can find their website here.

MoonPay account verification process

MoonPay is required by law to obtain certain KYC ('Know Your Customer') information and documents about each investor, this depends on the amount that each investor is investing. If you choose to use the bank transfer payment method, Invictus securely shares the minimum amount of verification information to satisfy the requirements from MoonPay.

In some cases, there might be slight differences in the documentation that MoonPay requires of you and the information you stored with us, in which case you might be asked to upload additional documentation.

You can read MoonPay's terms of use here.

Security and regulation

MoonPay is a fully PCI Compliant Service Provider. PCI is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Our integration with MoonPay is built for security. Your banking details are never present on Invictus Capital servers so it cannot be stored. Only if you choose to save your banking details will it be stored on MoonPay servers.

If a transaction is not reflecting you can also send MoonPay a support request.

If you need further assistance, please start a chat session or send us an email.

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