You can also invest in Invictus funds via the cryptocurrency transfer option directly; it is not necessary to send crypto to your Invictus Wallet address first

If you do not yet have an Invictus Wallet, see this article

You should only send supported crypto to the Invictus Wallet. The Invictus Wallet only accepts crypto on the Ethereum network at this time. Do not, for example, send Binance Chain tokens to your Invictus Wallet for the purposes of investment.

Investing using crypto stored in the Invictus Wallet

  • You can access this method of investment via the Invest page. Choose Pay using Invictus Wallet

  • This requires paying network gas fees, not imposed by Invictus. The cost is on the network, paid in ETH

Transaction speed

Crypto transfers typically take only seconds or minutes to confirm, and your investment should shortly reflect in the transaction page, accessible via the Wallets tab, after confirmation.

The value of your contribution is determined in USD terms upon receipt, and you will be queued for token minting upon the price update, which is when the amount of tokens to be issued is determined:

  • Minting happens hourly for Crypto10 and Crypto20

  • The other funds deal daily at 11:00 UTC

Which cryptocurrencies can I send from my Invictus Wallet?

  • Depending on the fund you wish to invest in you should use either Ether (ETH), Tether (USDT) or TrueUSD (TUSD). No other investment currencies are supported at this time

  • You must have these cryptocurrencies stored with your Invictus Wallet address to use this payment method

  • ETH and USDT should be sent to the Invictus Wallet on the Ethereum ERC20 network when funding it

If you still need assistance, start a chat session or email us.

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