Owing to substantial Ethereum network fees incurred internally whilst onboarding new investments, a $100 minimum investment has been implemented across our range of funds (investments not meeting this threshold will not be processed). This is a temporary measure until we are able to implement fee-saving solutions involving Layer 2 scaling technology.

This does not apply to investments made via the Binance Smart Chain (BUSDT, BUSD). Read how that works here.

These sub-minimum investment transactions may, however, be processed or reversed at such a time when network fees are lower, and at the discretion of Invictus Capital.

This decision has not been taken lightly; we unfortunately do not have control over network congestion and are working hard to implement permanent solutions to the issue. This will enable us to once again provide our innovative investment products to as wide an audience as possible, in the spirit of the democratization of finance.

The bank transfer facility via TrustToken requires a $1000 USD minimum investment.

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