As a means to reward investors and incentivize participation, Invictus Capital has developed a community token, ICAP, distributed to investors who lock-up or 'stake' their Invictus fund tokens on our platform. 10% of fund fee revenue earned by Invictus will be dedicated to purchasing ICAP off the open market on a weekly basis. The purchased tokens will then be burned, removing them from supply permanently. This buy-and-burn process provides ICAP with its value, and the rewards scheme allows investors to earn additional returns whilst benefitting from Invictus's growth.

Investors are able to stake fund tokens now. Rewards were initially earned from January 1 2021 and the first issuance of 10,000 ICAP tokens occurred the week of January 4. Thereafter, the issuance total in subsequent weeks is 97.5% of the previous week’s total. After approximately 93 weeks, the issuance plateaus to a constant weekly supply of 1,000 ICAP. 10,000 ICAP have been pre-minted for initial liquidity provision on the ICAP-DAI pool on Uniswap (Invictus will also provide the initial DAI liquidity). This liquidity provision forms the base of the ICAP community treasury and will never be withdrawn.

Going forward, a governance module will be deployed that will potentially allow ICAP token holders to help shape Invictus’ future by voting on altered fee structures, new platform features, the distribution of the funds in the treasury pool for functions, and more. As ICAP was created for the Invictus community, we encourage investors to engage with us on any of our communication channels to help drive the future of ICAP.

Why participate in ICAP?

Participation in the program is optional but includes these benefits:

  • Access to additional earnings, in the form of ICAP, from your Invictus investments

  • The percentage of revenue dedicated to the ICAP buy-and-burn will scale along with Invictus's overall assets under management (up to 20%): the first target is $100M

  • Subsequent ICAP phases are planned for rollout with additional perks; and

  • There are incentives for earlier participation due to higher allocation rates

Learn how to stake your tokens here. Find the ICAP Litepaper here.

If you still need assistance, please start a chat session or send us an email.

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