If you have signed up and completed the verification process successfully, you're able to participate in all of the Invictus funds, except for Hyperion, via the Invest tab at the top of the page.

To participate in Hyperion, please see this article.

This video also contains a summary:

After navigating to the Invest page, you can select a fund on the left-hand side. There will be a summary of the selected fund including the fund value and NAV per token - the approximate current purchase price. You will be able to select from the following payment methods:

  • Credit and debit card payment is available via our partner MoonPay. You will receive further instructions through the widget installed on the Invest page - please have third-party cookies enabled in your browser. Read more about this here

  • There is a bank transfer option facilitated through MoonPay as well (EUR/GBP only, 1% fee applicable) or else via TrustToken ($1000 USD minimum, requires creating an external account)

  • Cryptocurrency can be invested directly via the cryptocurrency transfer investment method:

The following table refers to investing to your unique deposit address via the crypto transfer investment option, not your Invictus Wallet. For a list of supported assets for the Invictus Wallet, see here

If you already have ETH, USDT or TUSD in your Invictus Wallet, select that payment option


Cryptocurrencies accepted to your deposit address

Bitcoin Alpha - IBA

Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), True USD (TUSD), Tether (USDT), Binance USD (BUSD)

Invictus Margin Lending - IML


Crypto20 - C20


Crypto10 Hedged - C10


  • A $100 minimum currently applies to all investments via the crypto transfer method, except those sent on the Binance Smart Chain

  • Investments sent in USDT via the crypto transfer investment method can be sent on the Binance Smart Chain OR the Ethereum network

  • Investments sent in BUSD should be sent on the Binance Smart Chain only

  • Investments made in ETH/TUSD should be sent on the Ethereum network only

  • Do not send Binance Chain tokens to your Invictus Wallet address. This table refers to investing to your unique deposit address accessed via the crypto transfer investment option

  • For more specific information on investing on the Binance Smart Chain, see this article

Once received, the pending investment will appear on the transactions page which is accessible via the Wallets tab. Your fund tokens will be sent to your Invictus Wallet or the linked address that you specified upon the next fund dealing.

  • C10 and C20 deal hourly

  • IML and IBA deal daily at 11:00 UTC (for investments received prior to midnight the previous day)

You are issued tokens based on the value of your investment when it was recorded, divided by the token price at the time of fund dealing.

Step-by-step investment guides for each fund can be found here:

If you still need assistance, start a chat session or send us an email.

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