Invictus Capital is now offering an Over-The-Counter (OTC) desk to make swapping tokens between Invictus funds that much easier. This new feature allows investors to trade Invictus tokens directly without the need for a third-party, translating to significant savings on gas fees. By using the OTC desk, users can directly interact with Invictus to facilitate specific transaction prices and details — allowing investors to exit one fund and enter into another fund seamlessly within hours. In addition, investors are able to swap between the following cryptocurrencies: ETH and USDT/TUSD, as well as BTC and USDT/TUSD.


  • Investors must have a verified Invictus account on the investor portal
  • Investors are required to have a minimum $5000 USD investment with Invictus Capital to perform an exchange or ‘token swap’ (this applies to the swap itself), however exceptions may be discussed on a case-by-case basis

Beginning the OTC exchange process

  1. Contact the Invictus WhatsApp account on +27 82 286 9317 with the amount of fund tokens held and the fund to which you would like to exchange
  2. When your OTC request has been received, Invictus will provide you with a quotation for the fund token swap
  3. Respond to the quotation on WhatsApp with YES within 5 minutes if you wish to accept the quotation and lock the fund token price, or respond with NO if you no longer want to continue the exchange. Any response after the 5 minute period has elapsed will require a new quotation
  4. After quotation acceptance, you have 1 hour to send your specific tokens to our designated wallet address. After this hour period has elapsed with no transaction, a new quotation will be required
  5. Once your fund tokens have been received by Invictus, you can expect your exchanged tokens to be sent back to your designated wallet within 3 hours

Fees and operational hours

  • In order to cover gas fees and slippage, 0.5% of the initial set of fund tokens will be deducted
  • The OTC desk will operate only during South African business hours from 07:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC

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