Important to note: The Invictus Wallet is an ERC20 wallet and does not support BSC tokens. This feature is in development, but until then do not send Binance Smart Chain tokens to your Invictus Wallet.

You can send investments via a cryptocurrency transfer to your investment deposit address on the Binance Smart Chain in the form of BUSDT and BUSD (BEP20 tokens). You can send it from a personal wallet or exchange. No other Binance Smart Chain assets are currently supported.

For acquiring BUSD on Binance, please see this video or this article. You need to complete Binance's verification procedures.

This is an investment option with low network fees. You can navigate to Invest after logging in, choose crypto transfer as the payment method for the fund you want to invest in, and choose BUSD/USDT.

You will specify your receiving ETH address for the tokens before the deposit address is shown.

You will see a deposit address that you must then send your USDT/BUSD to on the investment flow. Your investment deposit address for USDT/BUSDT and BUSD should be the same. Your investment will be valued upon receipt with the tokens issued on the next price update. Price updates for Crypto20 and Crypto10 are hourly, and daily for the other funds.

BUSD should only be sent on the Binance Smart Chain. USDT can be sent on the Binance Smart Chain or the Ethereum network. If sending USDT on the Ethereum network please note the $100 investment minimum. For example:

You still need to receive your Invictus fund tokens at your compatible Ethereum wallet after linking it.

If you need assistance, please start a chat session or you can email us anytime.

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