To purchase BUSD and BNB from Binance, Binance has detailed how to purchase

BUSD. There are various methods, the first being to buy and sell

with a bank card here.

Once you have bought BUSD:

  1. Log into the Invictus Capital platform here.

  2. Navigate to the Invest tab and select the fund for investment.

  3. Select Crypto transfer as the payment method.

  4. Select BUSD in the cryptocurrency drop-down.

  5. Select the wallet to which the Invictus fund tokens should be sent.

  6. A BUSD deposit address is then presented to which the BUSD for the investment needs to be sent. The QR code can be scanned or the deposit address copied into an external wallet to perform the transaction. Following the successful transfer of BUSD tokens to the deposit address, Invictus fund tokens are minted into the selected wallet.

Important to note: The external wallet requires the native Binance currency, BNB, in order to perform a Binance-based transaction i.e. sending BUSD to the deposit address.

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